45 minute Live Forging Pairs Competition 2022

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Here we go this is how the sample was made for this years 45 minute Live Forging Pairs Competition 2022. This competition is all about fun and collaboration with a bit of learning thrown in too?

E       LIVE PAIRS – To forge on the showground in 45 minutes ‘a Ring Pull handle for a heavy door ’. Material supplied and specific tools supplied by organisers. More details available at https://wp.me/P4HK6q-nn No extra cleaning up time allowed. Winners are awarded the Burrows Lea Forge Pairs Forging Trophy and 2 x 1st £40, 2 x 2nd £30, 2 x 3rd £20. Not NBCC.

As usual you can make this however you want? Its a balance between keeping it … 1- accurate and true to the sample… 2- Keeping it neat… 3 – and most importantly getting the piece finished in the time given. If its not finished it goes to the bottom of the marking sheet. So if you and your partner get it made but not to the sample and you are the only ones to finish in time… you might win? Its risky? But like in real life there’s no money to be made without a saleable product. However I’d copy the sample if I were you?????

There’s a little more detail at this link https://wp.me/P4HK6q-nn

4 weeks and counting… Edenbridge & Oxted Blacksmith Competitions

Richard Hillam, Edenbridge and Oxted Blacksmith Competitions, Wrought Ironwork,Blacksmiths Competition, NBCC, NBCC Live Forging , Live Forging, Blacksmith competition, Blacksmith, Hand forged, Ironwork, Forge, Wrought Ironwork, Hot Forged, Blacksmithing, 2022

Its only 4 weeks to go before the Blacksmith Competitions held at the Edenbridge & Oted Show on the 28th and 29th August Bank Holiday weekend. We’re nearly ready to kick off our first full scale Competition since 2019, just looking forward to seeing the Competitors and everything will be complete.

Our Live Forging Competitions are filling up nicely and there’s a few static entries lined up too… but we always have room for more. The static competition is there to promote Blacksmiths so if you want to just display (not compete) some of your Forged Ironwork please drop me a line. Likewise if you just fancy hanging out and soaking up a bit of the competitive atmosphere please come along.

A schedule can be downloaded at this link https://blacksmithcompetition.files.wordpress.com/2022/05/eo-printed-schedule-2022.pdf

Dorset County Show 3rd & 4th September 2022

Dave Harman FWCB

The Dorset Show is the last qualifying Competition on the NBCC Champion Blacksmith circuit. A great Competition in itself even if you don’t want to enter the National Competition.

This years Classes are……

Class One: Any item of Ironwork for indoor use

Class Two: Any item of Ironwork for outdoor use

Class Three: Any item of Ironwork of a contemporary nature.

Class Four: 30 minute Live Forging – A dragon’s head produced to the judge’s design Materials supplied by Show.

Class Five: 120 minutes Live Forging – A Set piece, a fire iron to the judge’s design. Material supplied by Show.

For a schedule use this link https://blacksmithcompetition.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/dorset-county-schedule-2022.pdf

New Forest and Hampshire Show 26, 27 & 28th July 2022


Busy Show this year look at all these classes? But in reality as Blacksmiths we are only interested in Classes 1, 2, 3,5 & 6. Winner and Runner Up of Class 6 (Live Forging) will go forward into the 5th round of the National Blacksmith Champion as well as the receiving Show prizes. The Show Champion and Runner Up of the Static classes (1, 2, 3) will also go forward into the National Blacksmith Champion Competition (Static) as well as the receiving Show prizes.

Traditional or contemporary, primarily of forged construction

Traditional or contemporary, primarily of forged construction

Items of Artistic Metalwork, any method of construction

To make a set of four concave, hunter heeled pony shoes suitable for a New Forest Pony and also tomake a pair of tongs by any method to be used for making the shoes.

Competitors are required to make on the Showground a ‘knife, fork and spoon’.
Competitors should bring their own material which has not been preformed in any way.

Competitors are required to make on the showground a saleable object.

(AT COLLEGE FROM 2017 – 2022)
Students are required to enter any pieces they have made into relevant classes for judging and
possible prize money along with other entries.

Military competitors can make any one item that they choose within a 2-hour period.

Competitors to make one shoe to fit dummy foot provided. No measuring allowed, only visual
observation. Shoe judged to be the closest fit wins.

(Open to 1st & 2nd yr apprentices)
To make a hunter front 13 1/2” of 7/8” 7/16” concave
To make a hunter hind 13” of 7/8” 7/16” concave
The time available is apprentices 1 hour and qualified 30 minutes.

(Open to 3rd & 4th yr apprentices)
Onion Heel Front Shoe
Hind Straight Bar Shoe
Sections and sizes at close of entries
Time allowed 1 hour

To download an entry form and schedule from the official new forest show website use this link https://blacksmithcompetition.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/2022-wrought-ironwork-schedule.pdf

Edenbridge & Oxted Class D 90 mins Live Forging details 2022

Time to release the details of this years Edenbridge & Oxted 90 minute Live Forging Competition held on 28th and 29th August 2022. The winner and runner up of this competition are put forward into the National Live Forging Competition (more details at National Blacksmith Competition Committee) as in previous years the E&O Committee prefer a slightly different type of Live Forging Competition and probably something a working Blacksmith can easily relate to?… Make something functional and beautiful to sell with some odds and ends found lying about in the Forge as quickly as you can!

The information for Class E 45mins Live Pairs Competition will soon follow…. the only Pairs Competion held nationally. Ask an mate to help you and enter 🙂 the details and step by step guide of how to make ‘A heavy Ring Pull for a door’ will be available at https://wp.me/P4HK6q-nn

2022 Class D 90 minute Live Forging Competition details

D       LIVE FORGING COMPETITION – To forge on the showground in 90 minutes ‘Any item using materials from attached list’. No extra cleaning up time allowed. Winner is awarded the Tommy Tucker perpetual Rose Bowl Trophy and £100 2nd £50 3rd £25

You are required to make any item on the showground using at least three of the items from the list below. You can choose two items from the list if required and you do not have to use all the length. You will not gain extra points for using all the sections and/or all the lengths:

25 x 25 x 4 angle – 250mm

25 x 10mm flat – 500mm

10mm RD – 600mm

12mm SQ – 600mm

6” Nails – handful

20 x 1.6mm RD tube – 250mm

125mm x 3 RD disc

Please note – It is your responsibility to inform the Show Steward of your selections at least half an hour before you start your live forging competition. He will make sure your material is at your anvil for your starting time.

A postal/official E&O 2022 schedule can be downloaded here.

Download an Entry Form here.

E&O ‘Novelty’ Class 2022

C       ‘On a Stick’  – literally or literary or whatever!! Definition of ‘Stick’ – a piece of wood that was once part of a tree, subsequently no longer part of a tree.  (Any method of construction.)

An easy Class to enter? We all have something forged in our Homes and Forges that has a ‘stick’ attached to it? if it looks nice why not enter it into this years competition?

For more information or to down load a schedule https://blacksmithcompetition.wordpress.com/the-competition/the-edenbridge-oxted-blacksmith-competition-schedule-2022/

Royal Welsh Show – 18, 19, 20, 21 July

Coming up soon, this Facebook Post tells you all you need or you can use this link to download a schedule https://blacksmithcompetition.wordpress.com/other-showscompetitions/the-royal-welsh-show/

Post credited to Adam Greenwall

Devon County Show – 30 June, 1, 2 July

The Usual Suspects will probably be there Devon County Show – 30 June, 1, 2 July they are a friendly bunch and don’t let them win anything, so get your entries in ASAP.

Blacksmith competition, Devon Show, Blacksmith, Hand forged, Ironwork, Forge, Wrought Ironwork, Hot Forged, Blacksmithing
Left to Right Paul Gilbert, James Deane, Andy Hall & Simon Hall, John Bellamy in the background

You can download a schedule from the Deon Show website or its easier to do it here https://blacksmithcompetition.wordpress.com/other-showscompetitions/the-devon-show/

Royal Cornwall Show – 9, 10, 11 June 2022

This Competition has been and gone unfortunately, but it was a good one by the sound of it.

The results are as follows:
Show (Static) Champion – Olly Bramston with his Alice in Wonderland Gate.
Reserve Static Champion – Simon Hall with his Fire Set.
Live Forging Champion – Simon Hall with a forged flower display
Reserve Live Forging Champion – Lisa Kingdom (no description or photo unfortunately)

If Lisa reads this it would be great to see what you made in the Live Forging Competition?

The schedule for this competition was available at https://www.royalcornwallshow.org/competitors/blacksmiths/