The Edenbridge & Oxted Show

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Blacksmithing at Edenbridge & Oxted Show

The first entry on the Blacksmith competitions at The Edenbridge & Oxted Show Blog. Well what can you say…. ‘Welcome’ for a start, especially if you are new to all this.  If you are a seasoned competitor, I’m glad you’ve found us .

The Competitions are not all about showing off and seeing who’s best (although there is that too), its prime purpose is getting Blacksmiths or people who have an interest in Forging metal together and sharing.

Sharing can be a complicated thing… thoughts, opinions, skills, design, techniques, business savvy, inside info and so on, the list is a lot longer than I care to note down here. Sharing is also companionship, this is something that develops by default when like minded people get together and if you allow me a little sentiment, its a thing to be cherished!

At the Blacksmith competitions at The Edenbridge & Oxted Show the first thing you’ll become aware of as a newcomer is the friendly, laid back nature of the event. This informality is infectious and before you know it you’ll be chatting and discussing with other Smiths about all sorts of Blacksmith stuff. Even when the intense Live forging competitions get underway the organizers have a knack of keeping the seriousness of the forging, light and welcoming. If you are returning to the Competition you’ll know what I’m talking about already!

This new website is to note down all the good stuff that happens at Blacksmith competitions at The Edenbridge & Oxted Show and to inform everyone of the important bits like, schedules, results and prizes.


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