What no Schedule?

Blacksmith competition, Edenbridge and Oxted Show, Blacksmith, Hand forged, Ironwork, Forge, Wrought Ironwork, Hot Forged, BlacksmithingUPDATE 18th June

The official 2014 schedule is available here, click link to see!

E&O Wrought Ironwork Schedule



Sorry but this year Wrought Ironwork schedules for the 2014 Blacksmith Competitions have taken longer than usual to print and distribute….. we’re working on it! Won’t be long now….

But if you really can’t wait here are the categories (from memory!)

1. Traditional – (by hammer and hand), no modern techniques such as gas/electric welding, machining etc.

2. Contemporary – as you like…any method of manufacture and construction

3. Something for the Bees?, any method of manufacture and construction.

4. Live 90 minutes – A pair of balance scales, to be made on site to size constraint TBC

5. Live pairs time TBC – A ‘Matock’ from supplied material.

6. Live 20 minute – Time permitting, there will be a winner takes all ‘Dash or Crash’ anything u like, entries on the day.

This is the outline for the competitions, I strongly advise to to check later in the month on the site or when your schedule finally hits the doormat.


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