Tong making at Bath & West Show 2015


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Making the fire weld on one half of a pair of tongs.

So…. I thought it would be easy to find a useful an online video to post here to inspire those of you who fancied entering the  Tong Making competition at The Bath & West show on 27th – 30th May.

That’s 8 weeks away and don’t forget your paper entries need to be in by 9th April! or 13th May on line.

…. but apparently not.

So rather than show you a rubbish way to make them I thought I post a vid of a completely different way to make them. This is the style most Farrier tongs are now made…. pretty but not necessarily better than the old fashioned way. For those of you with Eagle eyes, you can see in one shot, a pile of pre-prepared tong blanks behind the Smith…. so don’t be too impressed or intimidated.

**One bit of advice if you decide to enter, keep your stock small and your reins long. You’ll know what I mean once you get on the fires at Shepton Mallet**


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