E&O Ypres 2016 Forge In

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A week ago Edenbridge & Oxted Blacksmith Competitions held a Forge In to make Poppies for the Ypres 2016 project.

The purpose of our little forging party was to help the Ypres 2016 project reach their target of 2500 poppies before the actual event in September 2016 in Belgium.Our E&O Blacksmiths (and friends) didn’t disappoint and easily forged 200 poppies on Saturday 24th October.

We had three power hammers running, two gas furnaces and a double hearth up to heat, with plenty of encouragement and guidance Master Smith Terrence Clark the job was complete with plenty of time left over to chat and catch up.

To see the photos of the event use this link to find the Ypres 2016 Forge In Photos

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