South East Blacksmiths meeting


Thursday evening was the first meeting of the ‘South East Blacksmiths’.

A small group of like-minded Blacksmiths decided it would be good to meet up and spend some time together… not interrupted, distracted by work, competition or anything… just a chat and coffee.

The Meet suggested, instigated and generously hosted by London Bladesmith Owen Bush was a great success with 14 Smiths attending.

The purpose of the get together was to meet face to face and chat rather than forge, make or compete…. A refreshing and original idea? All the Smiths attending had lots to talk about and share; interestingly many knew each other through various social media but had never met in person despite living and working in the same region, so possibly these meetings (if continued) could be the much needed antidote to the emerging digital divide phenomena and those of us who miss a good ole chin wag. Lets wait and see?

I’ll be posting the next Meet date when I know, so if you are in South East England and a Blacksmith (professional, student or hobbiest) why not come along?


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