Wrought Ironwork Schedule for Royal Bath and West Show 1st June to 4th June 2016

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Here’s this years official schedule for the Bath & West Show. Be aware Entries Close 5th May (Paper) & 13th May (Online). B & W are quite strict about this so try and get organized so that you get your entry in on time.

Very excited to see a change in this years Live Forging…. Chain making! Not quite like the Three Counties Speed Competition but still good fun and a chance to practice some traditional skills. 12mm round (opposed to RTCAS 10mm) so it will be a bit more tricky to get presentable welds, but unlike the RTCAS competition there is no restriction on tools and a generous 30 minutes to make at least 3 joined links…. so plenty of scope to make a proper chain! Top tip – look at old hand made chain and try to copy some of its unique characteristics, the judge will be looking for that, along with consistency and a clean finish.

There’s still the usual 90 minute ‘make what you like’ competition running and the 20 minute challenge ‘to make a salable item’ (don’t forget to make full use of your 5 minute cleaning up time on this one? Speaking from experience if you win all three live forging competitions at the B&W you walk away with a considerable pot of prize money… making your efforts more than worthwhile. Here’s the schedule, PDF links to B&W online coppy and entry form at the bottom of the page.


The 2016 B&W schedule

Class WI1

Any item suitable for display in/around the home, a Stone Fireplace to be

the focus, and which has the following dimensions:

H 1320mm

W 1560mm

D 210mm

H 900mm

W 915mm



Class WI2

Any item, any size, for EXTERIOR use, must incorporate forging



Class WI3


Produce any item within the timescale of 90 minutes.

Materials optional, to be provided by the competitor, wooden shafts are

permitted. NO STRIKER ALLOWED. Competition to be held daily from

Thursday to Saturday and judged on the Saturday of the Show.


Class WI4


Produce something saleable within the timescale of 20 minutes. Materials optional, to be provided by the competitors. Competition tobe held daily from Thursday to Saturday and judged on the Saturday of the Show.


Class WI5

LIVE CHAIN MAKING, Minimum of three linksin continuous chain. Time allowed 30 minutes. Materials to be mild steel 12mm round bar 200mm long for each link, to be provided by the competitor. A striker is allowed, but is

not mandatory. The duties of a striker (if employed), are restricted to tending the

fire and use of the sledge hammer. Competition to be held daily from Thursday to Saturday and judged on the Saturday of the Show.


Notes for Live Forging Classes WI3, WI4 and WI5 :

(a) Pre-heating is allowed but NO material to be pre-worked.

(b) Five minutes brushing, sanding and polishing time after “time” is called.

(c) No tools other than forging tools allowed.


Notes for classes W11, W12, WI3, WI4 and WI5:

All items entered must include hot forged techniques and must be forged predominantly from iron and steel.




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