Royal Three Counties Show Schedule

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Set piece Live Forging at Three Counties Show 2014

The Three Counties Show 2015 – 17, 18, 19 June

This year’s RTCAS schedule is officially in. All the info you need is at RTCAS official website last entries are 22 April 2016 (or when the classes are full)….Which is pretty silly considering that gives you only 36 days to get your entry in… I’m sure they will let you in up to 2 weeks before the Competition, but phone Steve Allsop at RTCAS to be sure!  There are professional and student classes for both Farriers and Blacksmith at the Three Counties Show so read the schedule carefully. There is a separate entry form for Classes R.10 & R.11

The professional Blacksmith classes are:

R.10A Traditional class over £250 in value

R.10B Traditional class under £250 in value

R.11A Contemporary class over £250 in value

R.11B Contemporary class under £250 in value

R.12 Set piece Live Smithing class, 105 minutes, £10 entry, winner takes all!

R.14 Speed Chain making Live Smithing class – 15 minutes to make at least 3 links, £5 entry, £100 prize winner takes all!

R3. Student Set piece Live Smithing – 60 minutes, £5 entry, prize money to four pleces.

Check out the full schedule and entry forms at RTCAS official website


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