Results for North Somerset Show 2016


Rhys Harlin proprietor of Darenth Valley Forge, Kent with his first place gate at this year’s North Somerset Show 2016

Results from this years first show are in already.

It was a good show with some excellent, quality forgework in the static classes, in particular Rhys Harlin’s gates and Sam Bailey’s Candle stick (seems ridiculous to call it such, as it was much a sculpture as something to give light). Looking forward to the next competition which is Devon County Show in two weeks.
1st Folding Log rack, Mr R C Jones
2nd Table, Mr R C Jones
3rd Book Stand, Mr R C Jones
1st Pedestrian Gate, Mr R Harlin
2nd Garden gate, Mr S Hall
3dr Cultivator and bracket, Mr R C Jones
1st  Poppy Seed Garden Gate, Mr R Harlin
2nd “The Couple” Sculptor, Mr S Bailey
3rd Table Lamp, Mr A Hall
Live Forging
1st Mr R C Jones, 2nd Mr A Hall, 3rd Mr J Price
Show Champion (static) NBCC
Mr R Harlin large gate
Reserve (static) NBCC
Mr R Harlin  Poppy seed gate
Live Forging Champion NBCC
Mr R C Jones
Live Forging Reserve NBCC
Mr A Hall
Public vote winner
Mr Sam Bailey “The Couple” Sculptor

And the winning member of the public for taster day experience  “Tricia”



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