Royal Three Counties Show Schedule 16, 17 & 18 June 2017

This year’s Royal Three Counties Show is held at the Malvern Showground on 16th, 17th and 18th June 2017.

As usual the RTCS offers professional and student classes for both Farriers and Blacksmith… the schedule carefully. There is a separate entry form for Classes R.10 & R.11 Farrier competition entries close on 27th April 2017 and Blacksmiths on 15th June 2017

The Schedule is:

R.10A Traditional class over £250 in value

R.10B Traditional class under £250 in value

R.11A Contemporary class over £250 in value

R.11B Contemporary class under £250 in value

R.12 Set piece Live Smithing class, 105 minutes, £10 entry, winner takes all!

R.14 Speed Chain making Live Smithing class – 15 minutes to make at least 3 links, £5 entry, £100 prize winner takes all!

R.6 The Corner Test Live Smithing class – 20 minutes (25 minutes if you are an apprentice or student) to forge a square test piece 5″ x 5″ ID from 25 x 10mm flat stock, £5 entry, £100 prize winner takes all!

R3. Student Set piece Live Smithing – 60 minutes, £5 entry, prize money to four places.

Use this link to download a Blacksmiths schedule

Use this link to download a Farriers entry form

Use this link to download a Blacksmiths entry form

Check out the full schedule and entry forms at RTCAS official website


Edenbridge & Oxted Competition Schedule 2017

Time to get forging…. check out the one off best Gate cash prize £100 and the Live Forging prizes!

The Edenbridge & Oxted Show Blacksmith Competition Schedule 2017

All entries must be received by 18th August 2017

Judge for all classes (except C) – To be confirmed

Judge for class C – Mr Owen Bush AWCB

£5.00 entry for each class (see entry form for more detail)

Static classes:

A       TRADITIONAL (Made by hammer and hand)

B       CONTEMPORARY (Any method of construction)

C       ‘DAMASCUS’ (Any method of construction, material must be maker derived.)

D       INDUSTRIAL & AGRICULTURAL (Any method of construction)

E      A FIGURINE – (Any method of construction)

F       STUDENT/APPRENTICE CLASS – A pair of hollow bit/bow tongs to hold 20mm round. Any method of construction maybe used BUT should be primarily made using hot forging techniques.

A one off special Cash prize £100 is awarded for the Best Gate in Show (any method of construction).


The Edenbridge & Oxted Show Blacksmith Competitions encourages and promotes the hot forging of Iron, Steel and other metals. All of the static competition entries (except Class A) may use any method of construction, BUT should primarily be designed and made using hot forging techniques. Class A is strictly a ‘by Hammer & Hand’ class, thereby encouraging ONLY the use of hot forging techniques in the design and construction of the piece.

Live forging classes:

G       LIVE FORGING 100/100 COMPETITION– To forge on the showground in 100 minutes ‘To reproduce from a sample supplied on the day’. Any special tools will be supplied. No extra cleaning up time allowed. Winner is awarded the Tommy Tucker perpetual Rose Bowl Trophy and £100 2nd £50 3rd £25

H       LIVE PAIRS – To forge on the showground in 45 minutes ‘a hook and staple’. Material supplied by organisers. Scaled photo available at No extra cleaning up time allowed.

I       LIVE 20 MIN COMPETITION (Time allowing, winner takes all cash prize) – To forge on the showground in 20 minutes ‘a finished saleable item’. Competitors are to supply own materials. No Striker. No extra cleaning up time is allowed. More than one entry accepted. Finished items will be auctioned for charity either at Show or at later date. £5.00 cash fee per entry and taken on the day.

To download a schedule use this link E&O schedule 2017

To download an entry form use this link E&O Entry Form 2017

North Somerset Show 1st May 2017

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Rhys Harlin (owner of Darenth Valley Forge) live forging at The North Somerset Show 2016

The Blacksmith Competition year starts with the North Somerset Show on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2017.

Its the first of the Blacksmith Competitions and is an excellent way to start your Competition season, some early points will stand you in good stead for the overall NBCC championship.

This year the schedule is:

  1. Indoor
  2. Outdoor
  3. Artistic/Sculptural
  4. Live forging – 75 minutes to make on the showground “Something from a Nursery rhyme” you need to provide your own materials and tools. Forge, vice, anvil and fuel is supplied by the organisers.

You can download the official schedule at this link

Entry online is available at

Paper entry (to print off and send by post) is available at

Questions about classes, please contact the Chief Steward, Keith Mahoney (phone number on the schedule)
Entries will be accepted up to 8.00am on the day of the Show
For entries after 21st April, please contact Keith Mahoney direct.