South of England Show Blacksmith Competitions 8th, 9th & 10th June 2017

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David Mortimer 90 minute Live Forging

South of England Show Blacksmith Competitions  is around the corner. David Mortimer has worked emensely hard to get this Competition off the ground so please support the competition and the newly formed SEBA (South East Blacksmiths Association)

The Competition this year is:
Class A: Traditional Static 1st=£60, 2nd=£40
Class B: Contemporary Static 1st=£60, 2nd=£40
Class C: Traditional Live forging 1st=£60, 2nd=£40 90 minutes to forge on the showground ‘a moving Hinge’ competitors are to  provide own materials, no cleanup time.
Class D: Composite Pattern Welded piece 1st=£50
Class E: Student static piece: 1st=£60, 2nd=£40
Peter Begent Award: 1st=£50
Camelia Botnar Foundation Cup

To enter…. contact David Mortimer (Mort) at Firebird Forge


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