Edenbridge & Oxted Schedule 2017

Class H LIVE FORGING PAIRS – To forge on the showground in 45 minutes ‘a hook and staple. Material supplied by organisers. Scaled photo available at http://wp.me/p4HK6q-h6 No extra cleaning up time allowed. You will need to bring the following specific tools in addition to your usual kit.

  1. A pair of bow/hollow/bolt tongs to hold 20mm round.
  2. A pair of bow/hollow/bolt tongs to hold a nominal 16mm square.
  3. A punch to facilitate a final drift of 16mm round.
  4. All materials will be supplied by show organisers.
  5. Please note. contrary to schedule the competition is to make the hook only (as photo below); staples are NOT required.
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Live Forging Pairs Competition 2017


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