Edenbridge and Oxted Show Results 2016

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Edenbridge & Oxted Blacksmoiths Group Photo 2016

This years results for the Blacksmith Competitions at Edenbridge & Oxted Show can be viewed at this link Edenbridge and Oxted Blacksmith Competition Results 2016

Well Done to Rhys Harlin who won both the Reserve and Show Champion in the NBCC Static Competition and congratulations to Edenbridges’s Richard Bradshaw for winning the Live Forging Competition.



Results for North Somerset Show 2016


Rhys Harlin proprietor of Darenth Valley Forge, Kent with his first place gate at this year’s North Somerset Show 2016

Results from this years first show are in already.

It was a good show with some excellent, quality forgework in the static classes, in particular Rhys Harlin’s gates and Sam Bailey’s Candle stick (seems ridiculous to call it such, as it was much a sculpture as something to give light). Looking forward to the next competition which is Devon County Show in two weeks.
1st Folding Log rack, Mr R C Jones
2nd Table, Mr R C Jones
3rd Book Stand, Mr R C Jones
1st Pedestrian Gate, Mr R Harlin
2nd Garden gate, Mr S Hall
3dr Cultivator and bracket, Mr R C Jones
1st  Poppy Seed Garden Gate, Mr R Harlin
2nd “The Couple” Sculptor, Mr S Bailey
3rd Table Lamp, Mr A Hall
Live Forging
1st Mr R C Jones, 2nd Mr A Hall, 3rd Mr J Price
Show Champion (static) NBCC
Mr R Harlin large gate
Reserve (static) NBCC
Mr R Harlin  Poppy seed gate
Live Forging Champion NBCC
Mr R C Jones
Live Forging Reserve NBCC
Mr A Hall
Public vote winner
Mr Sam Bailey “The Couple” Sculptor

And the winning member of the public for taster day experience  “Tricia”


South of England Show Results 2015


South of England Show, Blacksmith competition, Edenbridge and Oxted Show, Blacksmith, Hand forged, Ironwork, Forge, Wrought Ironwork, Hot Forged, Blacksmithing

The results for this years South of England Show are in use this link to view them South of England Show 2015 results Well done to Kevin Boys for winning Best in Show with his Archer (to be viewed at the Tower of London)

It was a tough Show for the SOE committe as it clashed with the Royal Three Counties Show at Malvern (also a NBCC round). In addition they had come back to the Ardingly Show ground after a years absence only to find the Show organisers had moved their previously agreed pitch at the last minute. However Mike, Merv and David still managed to put on a great show along with the usual friendly atmosphere. Check out their show website at http://www.southofenglandblacksmiths.org/

North Somerset Show 2015 Results.

Blacksmith competition, North Somerset Show, Blacksmith, Hand forged, Ironwork, Forge, Wrought Ironwork, Hot Forged, Blacksmithing, Joanna Williams, Fireironart

Joanna Williams Artistic Class 2nd place winner, First time entrant!.- photo by Joanna Williams/Fireironart

Here are the Competitions results for this years North Somerset show. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the Judge Mr Andrew Hall FWCB, the show organiser Mr Richard Jones FWCB and the show stewards. Well done to all the competitors your hard work and planning is appreciated.

Photos of the show can be viewed at this link Somerset Show 2015

There was an extra Class for Churchill Academy, the Show is keen to run a student/ novice class so hopefully this will become a regular class for Students and Apprentices.

First and second places in the Live Forging automatically go into the NBCC Live Forging Championship as will the Show Champion and Reserve.

Class 1 Indoor

1st Mr M Shepherd with a Toasting fork

2nd Mr M Shepherd with a Trivet

3rd Mr S Hall with a Coffee Table

Class 2 Outdoor

1st Mr D Harman with a Dragon Door Knocker

2nd Mr S Hall with a Large Hanging Bracket

3rd Mr R C Jones with a fire Pit Log Roller

Class 3 Artistic

1st Mr K MaHoney with a Gentleman’s Boot Scraper

2nd Ms J Williams with a Bouquet of Calla Lilly’s

3rd Mr B Hill with a Tree Sculptor

Class 4 Live (latch in 75 mins)

1st Mr D Harman

2nd Mr S Hall

3rd Mr R C Jones

Show Champion

Mr K MaHoney

Reserve Champion

Mr M Shepherd

Public Vote

Mr B Hill with Tree Sculptor with over 3rd of votes

Special Class

For Churchill Academy 6th form students final A level project

1st Mr Joseph Lyons