Competition dates 2018


Hello, that time of year again and here are the dates for this years competitions.

You’ll notice straight away we have some conflicts which is very annoying, not to mention the NHIG BathIron2018 event also conflicts with the Three Counties Show too. So I’m guessing that quite a few of us will have to make some difficult decisions this year… but if you are of an optimistic outlook, I guess its better to have choices? I have three schedules in already for this year Bath & West, South of England and yours truly Edenbridge & Oxted. I’m pressing hard this year for all the NBCC Shows to give up thier schedule ‘secrets’ well, well before the actual Competition dates so we ALL have a chance to compete and/or attend the Competitions…. watch this space?

The North Somerset show – 7 May
The Devon County Show -17, 18, 19 May
The Royal Bath and West – 30. 31 June 1, 2 May
The Royal Cornwall show -7, 8, 9 June
South of England – 7, 8, 9 June
The Royal Three Counties show – 15, 16, 17 June
The Royal Welsh show 23, 24, 25, 26 July
The New Forest show – 24, 25, 26 July
The Edenbridge and Oxted Show – 26, 27 Aug
The Dorset County Show – 1, 2 September


Still time to enter this years E&O Blacksmith Competition

Still time to enter this year’s competition or just put the date in your diary and come along and see what its all about….
Edenbridge & Oxted Blacksmith Competitions 27th & 28th August 2017
or check out the E&O Facebook page

Richard Jones – Blacksmith


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Richard Jones live Forging at E&O 2016

Very sorry to say that one of our biggest supporters and friend passed away last Thursday evening. Richard was so passionate and involved in Blacksmiths and Forging Competitions, the NBCC blacksmith competition circuit and Worshipful Company of Blacksmith engagements that we will be missed greatly.

This year we’ll have a selection of his last work for sale at Edenbridge and Oxted Blacksmith Competitions, all proceeds will go to his surviving family.

A great man and a great Blacksmith, we’ll miss you Richard! Richards Funeral will be held at 3.15pm on Thursday 22nd June at Haycombe crematorium, 209 Whiteway road, Bath, BA2 2RQ.

E&O Ypres 2016 Forge In

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A week ago Edenbridge & Oxted Blacksmith Competitions held a Forge In to make Poppies for the Ypres 2016 project.

The purpose of our little forging party was to help the Ypres 2016 project reach their target of 2500 poppies before the actual event in September 2016 in Belgium.Our E&O Blacksmiths (and friends) didn’t disappoint and easily forged 200 poppies on Saturday 24th October.

We had three power hammers running, two gas furnaces and a double hearth up to heat, with plenty of encouragement and guidance Master Smith Terrence Clark the job was complete with plenty of time left over to chat and catch up.

To see the photos of the event use this link to find the Ypres 2016 Forge In Photos

If you want to be kept up date with events like this please contact me with you Email address and I’ll add it to the E&O newsletter.

Tong making at Bath & West Show 2015


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Making the fire weld on one half of a pair of tongs.

So…. I thought it would be easy to find a useful an online video to post here to inspire those of you who fancied entering the  Tong Making competition at The Bath & West show on 27th – 30th May.

That’s 8 weeks away and don’t forget your paper entries need to be in by 9th April! or 13th May on line.

…. but apparently not.

So rather than show you a rubbish way to make them I thought I post a vid of a completely different way to make them. This is the style most Farrier tongs are now made…. pretty but not necessarily better than the old fashioned way. For those of you with Eagle eyes, you can see in one shot, a pile of pre-prepared tong blanks behind the Smith…. so don’t be too impressed or intimidated.

**One bit of advice if you decide to enter, keep your stock small and your reins long. You’ll know what I mean once you get on the fires at Shepton Mallet**

New Tips & Wrinkles page

I have just added a new page to the site ‘Tips & Wrinkles‘, you can find it just below the header, on the menu bar.

This page shares some pointers to achieving a better Live Forging piece, it will also help you to design and develop Static Competition entries. While you are at it check out The Scorecard this will also help you in your efforts.

The content is subjective but comes from experiences gleaned whilst competing at various Competitions over the last 20 years. If you feel I have missed something or would like to contribute…. please do so…. in the comment box!

We Won!

Blacksmith competition, Edenbridge and Oxted Show, Blacksmith, Hand forged, Ironwork, Forge, Wrought Ironwork, Hot Forged, Blacksmithing, IBF

Edenbridge Blacksmiths Team wins IBF Trophy 2014

We wanted to do well at the ‪#‎IBF‬ team competitions…. But with such stiff competition we were under no illusion that the odds were against us. So it’s difficult to express how good it feels to win; I was a bit stuck for words (unusual for me) when a mic was thrust at me and commanded to say something about Team South East England/Edenbridge Blacksmiths and our win at the Competitions. Thanks to the other 4 members for their trust, forging skill, humour & hard work…. Richard Hillam, Eric Lamprell, Dave (John) Harman, Rhys Harling ‪#‎teameffort‬ ‪#‎mates‬ ‪#‎blacksmith‬ ‪#‎blacksmithing‬ ‪#‎eighthoursofforging‬ ‪#‎infrontofblacksmithcrowd‬

— with Rhys Harlin Blacksmith and David Harman.

South of England Show 4th, 5th & 6th July

South of England Show 4th, 5th & 6th July

Hosted at Hobbledown Farm, Epsom instead of its usual home at South of England Showground.

Here’s this years schedule.



Group A Class1 – Traditional



Group A Class 1 – Contemporary


Judged by Steve Miller A.W.C.B



Group A Class 2 – Live Forging

Competitors will be given 2 hours

to produce an item on the theme of `MUSIC`

Competitors are to provide their own material


Judged by Kevin Boys  A.W.C.B

Not NBCC round

Group B Class 3 – Traditional and Contemporary


Group B Class 4 – LIVE FORGING

using Material supplied by show





Judged by  Kevin Boys AWCB

Visit South of England Blacksmiths to enter….

The International Blacksmiths Festival 2014

Two months and counting……

At least five Edenbridge Competition regulars will be attending and competing at The International Blacksmiths Festival 2014 in August. The Festival is being held at the home of the Devon County Show Blacksmith competitions and The Blacksmiths Guild at Westpoint, Exeter.

Their website states “The event will showcase and celebrate the Best of Blacksmithing from around the world, the people who participate in this ancient but essential craft, its historic roots and its relevance and place in today’s society.”…. sounds good!

The Festival spans four days from Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th of August and will have all manner of Blacksmith related content going on such as Demonstrators, Masterclasses, Socials as well as Competitions. Below are the Schedules of the Team, Individual and Student Competitions. If you want to enter, get on to the The International Blacksmiths Festival 2014 website and follow the instructions.

The Team Competition

This competition is open to teams from individual nations; there are only 8 slots available.The festival is to be held at the home of the Devon County Agricultural Association. Each team in the competition will decorate a panel which will be presented to the DCAA to be displayed around the show ground to mark their 25th anniversary. Each panel is to be decorated to a different theme related to agriculture. The themes will be drawn from a hat and each team will be given their theme 4 weeks prior to the competition to give them time to design their panels and specify a list of materials required. Teams can provide ready cut profile blanks ready for working during the competition. If the team requires profiled blanks to be cut prior to the event, drawings must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the festival.The team will consist of a maximum of 6 members. Each team will be given 8 hours, 3 forges and anvils, a gas forge, leg vice and  the steel  they have requested.The panel will be of size  1100×679 and the frames will be premade by IBF out of 50×12 with the 50mm dimension laying flat as in a picture frame.The themes are:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Poultry
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Horses
  • Country Life (e.g. Hunting, Fishing, Shooting)
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Forestry

The Individual Competition

The competitors will be given 2 hours to make something of their own design on the theme of the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Not all elements need to be used 1,2,3 or 4 may be used.

The entry fee for the individual competition is £10.00.

The competitors would be provided with:

  • A forge, anvil and leg vice
  • 1m of 20×6 flat
  • 300mm 80×8 flat
  • 1m of 16mm Sq bar
  • 1m of 12mm round bar
  • 300mm of 25mm sq bar

The Student Competition

To qualify as a student you have to be attending a college of education.

The entry fee for the student competition is £5.00.

Time allowed 90mins

You will be required to reproduce a gate hook as specified in a drawing, the competitor will be judged for skills and accuracy to the drawing.

Each competitor will be supplied with:

  • a forge, anvil and leg vice
  • 250mm of 20×6 flat mild steel