Royal Welsh Show Blacksmith Competitions 23, 24, 25, 26 July 2018

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Andy Hall of Ash Ironworks, Devon

My yearly ritual of first finding….. and gleaning information out of the lengthy English/Welsh Blacksmith Schedule is complete, however double check the download PDF before you enter….. In a nutshell this years competition is this:

An Open Artist Blacksmith Competition –Any item of ironwork made by traditional methods only.

Open Artistic Modern and Figurine Competition – Any item of modern artistic work including figurine.

Open – Any finished article of wrought ironwork £200 and over in value.

Open – Any finished article of wrought ironwork not exceeding £200 in value.

Open Jewelry Competition – Jewelry (please see PDF schedule for more detail).

APPRENTICES OR TRAINEES ONLY Any finished article of wrought ironwork made by Apprentice or Trainee.

WELSH STUDENTS ONLY Competition open to Welsh Students only, though they may be continuing their studies in Technical Institutions outside Wales. An article of ornamental ironwork made during the previous 12 months. Only 2 entries per person.

LIVE FORGING  (STUDENTS OR APPRENTICES) To produce a test piece (apparently information is available on the RWAS website!)

LIVE FORGING (Open to Individual Blacksmiths) – Any article to be made in 90 minutes. Competitors must bring their own materials which must be un-worked.

A provisional schedule can be downloaded from the RWAS website