The Competition



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Live Forging at the Competitions

The Edenbridge and Oxted Show Blacksmith Competitions are unusual in comparison to other Show events; In addition to the static display competition, over both days of the August Bank holiday, using traditional coke fueled fires and hand tools the Blacksmiths compete in “live” forging competitions, offering the public spectacular displays of talent, teamwork and skill.
In the adjacent Blacksmiths tent is a large display of forged Ironwork of both a traditional and contemporary nature, made by local and National Smiths. The work, once judged, is normally offered for sale directly, or can be ordered through the individual Smith. The show provides a valuable opportunity for local Smiths to market and sell their quality Ironwork, whilst promoting themselves as professional, artisan traders. The Blacksmiths competitions held at the Edenbridge and Oxted show are part of a qualifying round for the National Blacksmiths Competition, and are one of the Ten qualifying rounds held nationally, promoting the traditional craft and the skills of the Blacksmiths.
The Blacksmiths static and live competitions are judged and awarded with plaques from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.
Additional prizes are coordinated by the Blacksmith Show Committee. Blacksmith or Farriery winners can expect generous cash prizes (paid on the day), special awards for apprentices and various class winning “take home” trophies, including for the Blacksmiths the much coveted “John Denton Memorial Trophy” which is awarded to the best static piece voted for by the public and the Farrier’s “Mick Orgil memorial trophy” for special achievement.


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