2018 Class G 90 minute Live Forging Competition details

2018 Class G 90 minute Live Forging Competition details

G       LIVE FORGING COMPETITION – To forge on the showground in 90 minutes ‘Any item using materials from attached list’. No extra cleaning up time allowed. Winner is awarded the Tommy Tucker perpetual Rose Bowl Trophy and £100 2nd £50 3rd £25

You are required to make any item on the showground using at least three of the sections from the list below. You can choose additional sections from the list and you do not have to use all the length. You will not gain extra points for using all the sections and/or all the lengths:

  • 160mm of 80x 8 flat
  • 500mm of 20 x 6 flat
  • 800mm of 12mm sq.
  • 300mm of 16mm sq
  • 250 mm of 21mm OD ERW tube

Please note – It is your responsibility to inform the Show Steward of your selections at least half an hour before you start your live forging competition. He will make sure your material is at your anvil for your starting time.

A printable version of this years full Schedule is available at E&O Schedule 2018
A printable version of this years Entry form is available at E&O Entry form 2018