NBCC rules


The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths provides a silver challenge cup and a certificate for the National Champion Blacksmith, and plaques and monetary awards for the:

National Champion Blacksmith of the year(static displays)

National live forging champion of the year (live forging competition)

Runners up also receive awards.

The award winners are established by deciding which Blacksmiths have had the best overall results at shows on the NBCC circuit to which the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths gives recognition and support.

Rules for the Champion and National Live forging competitions

  • The awards will be given annually.
  • The qualifying heats for the awards are restricted to shows that have shown evidence of a high standard in exhibitions and competitions, and are authorised by the NBCC committee. The shows that have qualified at present are shown on the home page.
  • Shows taking part in a qualifying heat must select at least one judge from the selection, for the forthcoming year, of the three or four nominated by the judges appointment panel. If any of these judges are not acceptable for that specific show, then they may, in consultation with the judge appointment panel invite another accredited judge to their show. The judge/s selected will act as the final arbiter/s of the winners of the heat for both awards. Judges are only permitted to judge at one qualifying show. Should that judge preside at more than one show, the results will not count towards the Champion and best Blacksmith awards. Reserve regional judges are available through the judge’s panel secretary, (Ms W.Alford Tel 01502 677519) for emergency situations. The marking system and cards issued by the NBCC in conjunction with the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths must be used by all judges assessing competition entries.
  • At shows where there are more than one class for which Blacksmiths may enter their pieces, the following procedures are to be adopted.

The show Champion Blacksmith will be selected by rejudging all the exhibits winning first place in the different classes using marking sheets seperate from those used for individual classes.

The reserve show Champion Blacksmith will be selected by rejudging the exhibit gaining second prize from show Champions class together with the exhibits gaining first place in the remaining classes.

  • Points will be awarded at each of the authorised shows as follows:

Show Champion 10 points
Reserve show Champion 4 points

Show Best Blacksmith 10 points
Reserve Best Blacksmith 4 points

Competitors may enter more than one piece at a show but all the entries must be judged and marked individually. Marks for several entries will not be averaged or aggregated.

  • The Blacksmith resident in the UK gaining most show Champion points will be declared the Champion Blacksmith of the year.

The Champion Blacksmith of the year will be awarded a challenge trophy that they hold for a year, a plaque and a certificate to keep as a permanent reminder, and a cash prize. In addition the runner up will be awarded a plaque and a cash prize.
The Champion best Blacksmith (for the hot forging competition) will be awarde a plaque and a cash prize. The runner up will also receive a plaque and a cash prize.
The winning piece or pieces of the Champion Blacksmith are not eligible for a National Blacksmiths Competition award again.
All the prizes will be presented at the awards lunch of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths in October.
The Trophy for the Champion Blacksmith must be returned to the Learned Clerk of the Worshipful Company by the 1st of October in the following year.

  • Secretaries (or their appointed steward) of the qualifying shows must ensure that the marking cards, complete with all competitors names and the classes descriptions, are sent as soon as possible after the show to the NBCC secretary whose address is shown on the homepage. Photographs of the winning exhibits should be included.

N.B if these results are not returned to the NBCC secretary, they will not be included in calculating the overall winners of the competition.

The results received by the secretary will be tabled and presented to the committee at the Autumn AGM to establish the winners and runners up.
In the event of a tie in the table of marks to find the National Champions, three qualified judges from, or appointed by, the National Blacksmiths Competition Committee will deliberate on the tied entries to come to a definitive decision. If the winning exhibited pieces are not available to be examined, then the judges will consider the relevant marks on the show marking cards that have been returned to the NBCC secretary. The final results will then be submitted to the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.

The aim of the awards is to promote Blacksmithing and to encourage other shows to hold wrought ironwork competitions and to apply to join the circuit.


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