The Score Card (new 2015)

How is the competition judged?

Its not just a matter of what the Judge likes best/least. The Judge has to be accountable and ‘judge’ with method. He will use a score card for each class and on the back of the score card are some notes regards to what he/she should be looking out for. So in the case of a dispute or if a competitor wishes to know how they ‘scored’, its all there there written down ready to be scrutinized (and debated!).

The Blacksmith Competitions are set up to encourage good design and reward traditional Blacksmith Forging skills, this is reflected in the way the Competition is judged.

WCOB score card

The front of the ‘new’ 2015 Judges score card.

The WCOB NBCC table/score card and notes were updated and re-written in 2015, to clarify and help the judges make their final decisions. Maximum points are shown on the left guidance on the right. Interesting to note that the highest points are biased on Forging, Construction and Design, respectively. In previous editions of the score cards if you missed out a cutting or punching process it could have cost you a place….. ? Not so now, although the Judge will be looking for a diverse range of ‘appropriate’ skills, practice and method if the finished piece warrants it.

Marks (100) Heading Description
40 Forging The standard, range and difficulty of craft skills used in the hot and cold working of component pieces, to include forging, forming and cutting.
20 Construction The range and difficulty of craft skills used in the joining and fitting together of component pieces.
10 Finish The standard of pre-treatment metal preparation, to include removal of sharp edges, weld spatter, tool marks, scale and the quality/appropriateness of finish.
20 Design The design skills used in co-ordinating relevant factors, to include choice of materials, function – fit for purpose, balance and proportion, appropriate choice of techniques and the overall aesthetic effect of the completed piece. Points may be awarded for presentation and for the provision of information or drawings relating to design, purpose and siting.
10 Creativity The extent to which imagination and innovation/originality are demonstrated in the piece. In the case of traditional work, the imaginative interpretation of and sensitivity to the chosen historic style.

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